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Impact indicator: neighbourhood plans

Number of areas designated by the relevant local authority for Neighbourhood Plans #### How the figure is calculated: The figure is a count of communities that have applied and been designated...

Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning

These tables show areas allocated grant and direct support since 1st May 2013

Neighbourhood Planning areas in England

This data is based on research by DCLG of known designated neighbourhood planning areas across England. It covers: • The name of the neighbourhood planning area • The local authority • The...

Neighbourhood Boundaries

Data showing the neighbourhood boundaries in Plymouth.

Neighbourhood Areas

Under the Localism Act (2011) local communities can produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan. Once adopted, a Neighbourhood Development Plan can be used for the determination of planning...

Safer Neighbourhoods

showing boundaries of london borough of lambeth safer neighbourhood zones

Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. Neighbourhood planning provides a...

Neighbourhood Planning support organisation information

Data relating to the grant agreement with an external body to administer support to neighbourhood planning areas

Learning from the Neighbourhood Agreements Pathfinder Programme

Underlying data for research paper which sets out several suggestions that will help those interested in developing a Neighbourhood Agreement approach in their local area. In particular it provides...

LP2022 - Neighbourhood Parades

Local Plan 2022 This data set is a part of the Local Plan consultation and relates to an evaluation of Neighbourhood Parades Notes: Number of facilities points - comprises convenience store,...

Neighbourhood network schemes

Data set of Neighbourhood network schemes in Leeds who support people aged over 50 by providing activities, friendship groups and opportunities to socialise.

Neighbourhood Ward Profile

This profile provides a graphical illustration of how different wards relate to each other, and to Calderdale as a whole, on topics that can affect the neighbourhood. These topics include benefits,...

Neighbourhood Planning Network

The Neighbourhood Planning Network (NPN) is a network of voluntary groups within the Bristol area, working together to help themselves and each other get better involvement in how their...

Neighbourhood Planning Areas

This dataset comproses polygon data showing Neighbourhood Planning Areas within Bristol. A Neighbourhood Planning Area is a defined community-led extent used for guiding the future development/...

Thorpe Neighbourhood Area

Dataset showing the Thorpe Neighbourhood Area. A Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area have been designated for the area of Thorpe by the Borough Council on the 24th August 2016. The...

Safer Neighbourhood Areas

Metropolitan police safe neighbourhood team areas in Hounslow. (PHASE 2)

Town and Neighbourhood Centres

Dataset of existing town and neighbourhood centres in Salford as defined in policy S1 of the City of Salford Unitary Development Plan 2004-16 Policies saved beyond 21 June 2009. The unitary...

Neighbourhood Management Areasv1

Management sub divisions for Gateshead, based on aggregated wards.


Shows Metropolitan police safe nebighourhood team information

Camden Neighbourhood Boundaries

This data contains the boundary of each Camden Neighbourhood profile.