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Overseas Fiscal Authorities (OFA)

Data on UK residents received from OFA under OECD Exchange of Information (Not EUSD)

UK Overseas Trade Statistics

This publication provides details of the overseas trade in goods statistics (OTS) of the United Kingdom (UK) which are published as National Statistics by HM Revenue and Customs. The OTS are a...

Overseas Market Introduction Service

Customer names, addresses etc.

Ministers' overseas travel

Overseas visits made by all ministers costing in excess of £500 during 2009-10

List of overseas properties

List of all overseas properties (offices, residential accommodation)

Urgent Payments Overseas

Customer Level data detailing urgent payments issued by Overseas Location: Overseas Customer data Time Period: 14 months Update Frequency: Daily Financial Information: Included Data: Customer...

Overseas Companies that own property in England and Wales

HM Land Registry’s Overseas Companies data contains entries made in the Title Register for property owned in England and Wales by non-UK companies (companies incorporated outside of the UK). The...

Operational overseas nuclear installations

World Nuclear Associatoin database of operational nuclear installations

Overseas Payment Order Rejections

Customer level data detailing returned overseas payments Location: Overseas Customer data Time Period: 14 months Update Frequency: Daily Financial Information: Included Data: Customer personal...

Monthly Overseas Trade Statistics datasets and importers details

These are downloadable open format versions of the complete monthly Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) and Importers Details datasets, with a 6 year archive of past data. They are published by HM...

Department for Transport ministerial overseas travel

Information about overseas travel for ministers within the Department for Transport. This information and data is published quarterly. Information on GOV.UK about Department for Transport...

Overseas travel undertaken by ministers in Defra

A quarterly-updated list of all overseas travel undertaken by ministers. Please note that subsequent data is now being published on GOV.UK and can be accessed using the link...

FCO Senior Staff Travel Overseas

Details of travel expenses for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's senior London-based staff.

Overseas travel undertaken by ministers in the Department for Education

A list of all overseas travel undertaken by ministers May - July 2010.

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas

UK entry clearance visas issued overseas, by purpose and length. Excludes visitor and transit visas.

Overseas Pensions Systems (PIPS and Complaints Log)

Electronic system for administering payments to former employees of the Colonial Service and their dependants.

FCO Prosperity Fund Overseas Development Assistance

The cross Government Prosperity Fund promotes the economic reform and development need in underdeveloped countries. These dataset are cummulative files and provide the spend data since 2016.

Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) International Subscriptions

This file gives details of FCO Core Contributions to International Organisations.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office list of Posts Overseas

This is a list of the locations where HMG has a diplomatic presence. It will list the country and city of each post and will detail the nature of the delegation (embassy/consulate/High Commission).

Cabinet Office Ministerial Overseas Travel data

This is a collection and collation page for an element of Cabinet Office Ministerial Transparency publications [published here:...