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From Parliamentary constituencies to council wards, Boundary-Line™ maps every administrative boundary in detail for you. And what's more, it's completely free to download and use. Bring statistics...

Reinstatement Line

A feature which has a line / curve geometry and defines the standard the path must be restored to following opening due to works in the highway, as defined in the New Roads and Street Works Act...

Landform Line

Feature which has a line geometry and represents the alignment of either the higher limit, or the side or lower limit of areas with a distinct physical morphology, typically where there is a...

Road Line

A line feature representing the edges of a traffic calming area in the road network. (This abstract has been temporarily padded to import into GeoNetwork)

Maintenance Line

A feature which has a line / curve geometry and provides information about whether the road is maintained at public expense by a national or local highway authority, a road authority or is...

Structure Line

Feature which has a line geometry and represents a linear, freestanding, manmade construction that is not a building and is not wide enough to capture as a structure. Examples include a gate or...

Building Line

A feature which has a line geometry and represents a wall between two buildings, building internal divisions, or an overhanging building edge.

Special Designation Line

Special Designations are statutory and advisory designations that can be applied to protect a highway when street or road works are to be undertaken. A Special Designation feature will reference...

Inter Tidal Line

A watercourse that extends across the inter tidal zone, represented as a line. (This abstract has been padded to load into the catalogue)

Play Areas

Location, addresses and type of play areas.

Play areas

Children's play grounds and play areas

Playing Pitches

Playing pitches informed by the Playing Pitches Strategy 2017-22. Contains data on area, which are open to the public, how many pitches, capacity, condition of pitch, etc. For further information...

Playing Pitches

Data showing various details on the playing pitches in Plymouth.

Play Areas

Play areas and playgrounds managed by ECDC.

360 Line Manager

Performance Management Feedback system for line managers only.

NI 199: Satisfaction with parks and play areas

Children and young people's satisfaction with parks and play areas in their locality Source: TellUs3 Survey: DCSF Publisher: Department for Children Schools and Families...

Playing Areas in York

Playing Areas in York.

Play Areas Parks

Play Areas in Parks within Luton.

Childrens Play Areas

Extent of open space comprising playgrounds and recreation areas for children and young people in ESBC as polygons.

Childrens Play Equipment

Childrens and Young Persons Space fixed equipment within Children's Play Grounds (CPG), Wheels Parks, Teen Shelters and Multi-use Games Areas (MUGA) the latter being mainly used by young persons...