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School preferences and offers

This is a statutory return from local authorities giving figures for the number of applications they receive for a place in secondary school, and how many of the offers made were of a preferred...

Primary Preferences

This data set shows the number of preferences made to each Primary School in Leeds for reception and junior school places.

Private Healthcare

A register of all recruits that have been seen under the PHCI. This enables the department to analyse the expenditure against the effectiveness of treatment Hard copies of PHCI referrals and...

Preferred Industrial Locations

Polygon layer of preferred industrial locations (PIL) mapped as part of the Authority’s Local Development Framework

Secondary School Preferences

This data set shows the number of preferences, for admission to secondary school in September, each school received during the annual cycle school admissions process.

Private Fostering (DCSF)

Figures on children cared for and accommodated in private fostering arrangements, England, Year ending 31 March 2009

Private Landlord Survey

The 2010 Private Landlord Survey is a national survey of landlords and managing agents who own and/or manage privately rented properties in England. The aim of the survey is to provide a snap-shot...

Larch Species Distribution Private Sector England

Distribution of Larch in private ownership, identified by visual analysis of aerial photography. Compiled by tree health and research workers. The visual nature of the analysis used to create this...

Sandeel Preferred Habitats

Sandeel Data

Sandeel Preferred Habitats

Sandeel Data

Private Fostering Arrangements in England

The SFR covers figures on children cared for and accommodated in private fostering arrangements. Source agency: Education Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) provider Monthly Report

Monthly report covering performance of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) provider's estate management services.

Secondary School Preferences 2011-2015

Data showing the secondary school preferences in Calderdale for 2011-2015.

Primary School Preferences and Allocations by School

Number of preferences and allocations for reception class by school in Calderdale primary schools (academies and local authority maintained schools); the data is published annually. [**Other...

Historic preference percentages for admissions rounds

This dataset details the breakdown of preferences allocated their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th preference for previous admissions rounds - when applications are received for York children starting...

BIS Private Sector Employment Indicator

The indicator is defined as the number of people employed by the private sector, as a proportion of the population aged 16-64 and those over 64 in the labour market. It provides an indication of...

Private Registered Providers of Social Housing

Contact details for organisations registered with the Home & Communities Agency as providers of social housing. This is an experimental data set.

Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Statistics

Statistics on taxis and Private Hire Vehicles Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Statistics

School type (special, private etc.)

The number of schools in an LEA by school type (whether state maintained, nursery, primary, secondary, private, special school etc.) Source: Department for Children Schools and Families...

Total private sector vacant dwellings

No Longer collected. The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA), the Business Plan Statistical Appendix (BPSA) and the local authority housing sales monitoring (P1B) forms were replaced by...