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Dementia Friendly Cafe's

Dementia friendly cafe's including name, address, post code and opening hours

Staff temporary promotions

Details of staff on temporary promotion. Updated: annually.

Staff permanent promotions

Details of staff permanently promoted. Updated: annually.

Properties receiving ECO, ECO measures installed, Affordable Warmth referrals from ESAS etc.

This data is now located in the Household Energy Efficiency Statistics. They are published monthly on a provisional basis. These statistical datasets are available on and Find Open data....

Breast feeding family friendly places

Breast feeding friendly family places including, type, address, contact number and full time/part time.  Please note this list is only where the NHS Foundation Trust has been informed as they...

Eco Corridor - Aspirational Links

Corridors which improve connectivity between core areas enabling species to move, feed, disperse, migrate or reproduce

Promotional material distribution lists

Promotion material distribution lists - Name, email address, postal address, telephone number, subject interest.

Promoting high performance working

This data describes SME use of high performance work practices. It supports a report on the rationale and evidence base for policy development in high performance working. The report also...

EV Charging Points In Chelmsford

This displays the EV Charging Points in an ever growing Chelmsford. This is so our eco-friendly citizens can learn where they can charge their EV's.

Green Deal(GD)/ECO and home insulation levels in Great Britain statistics

Updates to this release can now be found in the dataset Household Energy Efficiency statistics. This release presents statistics on the number of Green Deal assessments lodged, the number of...

Rights of Way - Promoted Routes

Promoted walking, cycling and horseriding routes

NYMNPA Promoted Routes

Routes and walks that the National Park promote either through it's website or publications. It contains walk routes varying from easy access to long distance routes. It also contains promoted bike...

Temporary Promotions Db

Recording temporary promotions and end dates

Household Energy Efficiency

These statistics include measures installed under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Green Deal schemes in Great Britain. It also includes further analysis and geographical breakdowns of...

Green Deal/ECO and home insulation levels in Great Britain statistics

This release presents statistics on the number of Green Deal assessments, and the number and type of energy efficiency measures installed; the release includes estimates of the number of homes with...

Energy Performance certificates EPCs (including Occupany assessment, and GD Plans)

Statistical Monitoring of The Green Deal and ECO. Data available through concession contract.

FCA: Financial promotions data 2022

The FCA analyses data, between 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022, resulting from action taken against authorised firms breaching financial promotion rules and referrals and investigations into...

FCA: Financial promotions data 2021

This is the first time that the FCA has published a full year of data and shows that it has intervened in 564 financial promotions last year that were in breach of current rules. Last year, the...

The number of businesses signed up to the Eco Stars fleet recognition scheme - (Snapshot)

The number of businesses signed up to the Eco Stars fleet recognition scheme - (Snapshot) *This indicator has been discontinued

Record level data on Pioneer places and Core Cities.

For Local Authorities Pioneer Places competition, we are intending to ask those LA’s that we are funding to provide information each month on Total of spend against budgeted capital/programme...