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Restriction includes turn restrictions, restriction for vehicles, and access restrictions. Turn restrictions are a restriction based upon a vehicle manoeuvre. This type of restriction includes...

Restrictive Covenants

HM Land Registry’s Restrictive Covenants data contains entries made in the Title Register that record binding conditions that determine what an owner can, or cannot do, with their land or property...

Weight Restrictions

weight restrictions

Traffic Restrictions

Traffic restriction data including, speed restrictions and height and weight restrictions

Current Arms Embargoes and Other Restrictions

Provides details of current arms embargoes and other relevant restrictions in force with respect to specific countries, on all countries or on terrorist organizations.

Loading Restrictions LINEFILE

loading restrictions

Weight Restriction Zone

This layer shows the area covered by the 7.5T Weight Restriciton Zone as outlined in The City of London and Tower Hamlets (Prescribed Routes) Traffic Order 1989.

Waiting Restrictions LINEFILE

waiting restrictions

Alcohol Restriction Zones

Dataset containing historic and current alcohol restriction zones in York. In September 2017 York's DPPOs (alcohol restriction zones) were reviewed and a number of them were withdrawn, due to...

ROW Restricted Byways

A working copy extract of the Definitive Map and Statement, the legal record of Public Rights of Way (PROW).  This dataset should not be used for legal purposes; the Public Right of Way data is...

Bridge Height Restrictions

A list of bridges and their height restrictions

Rights of Way - Restricted Byways

Cheshire West and Chester Council Restricted Byways, a category of Public Rights of Way. The precise legal line of a right of way can only be determined by reference to the Definitive Map (1:10560...

COVID-19 Restrictions Timeseries

National and local restrictions and policies affecting London, by date. Supplied as an experimental dataset to provide context for analysis of other social or economic datasets, for instance,...

Parking Restrictions and spaces in Barnet

Data on car parks in barnet, as well as parking spaces and parking restrictions. All information is also displayed in map format on

Wild Bird General Licence Restriction Zone

Special Areas of Conservation where trapping is not permitted under certain General Licences for wild birds. Relevant licences state whether this exclusion applies. In 2019, changes are being...

Waiting, loading and stopping restrictions in Southwark

Line data showing locations of waiting, loading and stopping restrictions on the highway maintained at public expense by the London Borough of Southwark. They are also known as yellow line...

DEFRA Survey on impacts on businesses of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)

The Defra REACH Business Impacts Survey was designed to provide Defra with information about the impact of the EU REACH Regulation on UK businesses after the first registration deadline of 30...

NIEA - Nitrate Restriction Zones (Metadata)

Areas within Northern Ireland protected under the Nitrates Directive (91/676/EEC).

YDNPA Occupancy restrictions and legal agreements

Occupancy is sometimes restricted by means of a planning condition or by a legal agreement. This is an established and valuable mechanism for securing planning matters arising from a development...

Bridge Height Restrictions in The Highland Council area.

Locations of bridge height restrictions over roads adopted by The Highland Council.