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A Path feature is a link set which represents a collection of Path Link features that share the same name (for example, Church Walk). A Path will reference the complete collection of Road Link...

Path Link

A Path Link is a linear spatial object that defines the geometry and connectivity of the path network between two points in the network. Path Links will be split for connectivity purposes (for...

Path Node

A point spatial object that is used to break up the path network for connectivity. The path network splits for the following circumstances: The location where an attribute changes. The intersection...

Road Track Or Path

Features representing, describing or limiting the extents of roadways, tracks and pathways. A road is a metalled way for vehicles. A track is an unmetalled way that is clearly marked, permanent and...

OS Detailed Path Network

OS Detailed Path Network is a fully-connected, heighted path network covering Britain’s National Parks. Create off-road navigation apps, build exciting navigation websites and apps that help your...


This dataset details the location of pathways and non-vehicular routes throughout Nottingham City and some of the surrounding areas. The pathways may variously be alleyways, paths across green and...

OS Mastermap Highways Network - Paths

OS MasterMap® Highways Network – Paths is the most accurate and authoritative path network dataset for Great Britain. It reveals who's responsible for all the footpaths through towns and...

Permissive Path

Permissive Path forms part of the Public Access Map. This includes: • City Walkways and Proposed City Walkways • Permissive Paths • Highway Maintainable at Public Expense • Privately Maintainable...

Retail Frontages

This is a polygon dataset used to identify Retail Frontages and was part of the Adopted Local Plan (1996-2005)

Retail Allocation

Retail Allocation

Retail Allocation

Retail Allocation

Retail Monitoring

The use classes within defined retail boundaries as identified in the Local Plan.

SPD - Coastal Path

Upon accessing this Licensed Data you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the Public Sector End User Licence - INSPIRE. Supplementary Planning Document (Whitehaven Town Centre) - Coastal...

Bradford Public Paths

Representation of public paths shown in records for the former Bradford County Borough area.Includes both paths recorded on the Bradford Area Definitive Map and Statement and paths not recorded on...

Proposed Cycle Path

Indicative lines of proposed cycle routes within Nottingham City. The lines shown are firm proposals.

Public Paths Outer

Representation of Public Rights of Way within the Bradford District shown on the West Yorkshire Metropolitan County CouncilModified Definitive Map (relevant date 30 April 1985) and the effects of...

Other Paths Outer

Represents public paths shown in records forthe part of the Bradford District covered by the West Yorkshire Metopolitan County Council Modified Definitive Mapbut not recorded on the Definitive Map

England Coast Path - Coastal Margins

Polygon dataset showing all approved stretches of the England Coast Path Coastal Margin. The Coastal Margin is being created by Natural England under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. All...

AMR in Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in UK retail chicken

Dataset contains the raw data in AMR Campylobacter found in UK retail chicken specifically the anonymised details of the chicken samples collected and the AMR findings.

Retail Opportunity Areas

Retail Opportunity Areas have been identified as appropriate areas for improvement and would be supported for retail and environmental enhancements contributing to the wider regeneration of the...