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Engineering and Physical Sciences Spend data 2018

EPSRCTransparency Data for 2018

Engineering and Physical Sciences Spend data 2017

Details of all transactions for EPSRC during 2017

Engineering and Asset Management

Includes monitoring, enforcement and policy development

Science, Engineering and Technology Indicators

The Science, Engineering and Technology Indicators, or SET Statistics, are a summary of key indicators covering government financing of science, engineering and technology, research and development...

Engineering Design Data

Phase 1 and phase 2 engineering design information

Engineering Properties:Discontinuities

This dataset is a characterisation of discontinuity types found within rocks and soils in Great Britain. Discontinuities are breaks, fractures or planes of weakness in the rock mass. The dataset...

Engineering Properties:Bulking

This dataset is a characterisation of the soil and rocks and the potential bulking factor (likely excavated volume increases) at Formation (local to regional) level for Great Britain. The data is...

Engineering Turnover and Orders

Estimates for the engineering sector. Estimates are published at current prices covering turnover and orders. The engineering sector covers classes 29 to 33 as defined by the Standard Industrial...

Engineering Laboratory Reports

A list of the laboratory reports produced from testing in the engineering geology laboratory. It includes report number, title and author's name(s). The reports themselves contain data on a wide...

World Heritage Site Engine Houses

The World Heritage Site project utlitised historic and modern Ordnance Survey mapping with existing documentary research to define the number of Cornish type, and related, engine house sites across...

Woodland Bird Priority Areas England 2010

This data supported prioritisation of England Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) from 2010 in three regions - East Midlands, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the...


Employee records of - driving licence, European Protected Species Licence, Inst of Civil Engineers Supervising Civil Engineer

Science, Engineering and Technology Statistics

These statistics provide an analysis of the government financing of SET activities in the UK, describe the relationship between the funders and performers of Research and Development (R&D) in...

Grassland arthropod trait and associated environmental data collected in arable reversion sites in southern England, 2014

This dataset contains arthropod species presence and abundance data, species trait data and environmental data for arable reversion sites in southern England. A chronosequence of 52 arable...

National Forest Estate Roads England 2016

Compiled from Forest road network data managed by Forestry Civil Engineering. The data relates to forest road Classification. Forest Roads are categorised on the basis of intended usage (as...

Building & Civil Engineering Employment & Output (DLO)

Contributing to output in the construction industry publcation

AED Manpower Tracker

Manpower Database - RN Air Station Culdrose,Upkeep of Air Engineering HQ Manpower records.

Public Health data - GP recorded conditions Leeds

Directly Age Standardised Rates (DASR) per 100,000. Age standardised rates compensate for differing age structures by weighting them to meet the European Standard Population (2013). Rates can then...

Public Health data - Mortality rates Leeds

Directly Age Standardised Mortality Rates (DASR) per 100,000. Age standardised rates compensate for differing age structures by weighting them to meet the European Standard Population (2013). Rates...

OS Places API

Find UK addresses instantly online and be confident you're getting the most up-to-date information with our address API.  Perform accurate geocoding and reverse geocoding with our secure,...