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Smart Meters

Quarterly statistics on the roll-out of smart meters in Great Britain, covering meters operating and meters installed. Official Statistics

ITECC end user devices

Information on DECC IT equipment

Smart Debit

Third party levy payment services. Services to collect direct debit payments on behalf of TPR in respect of levy fees payable by occupational pension schemes. Direct Debit Account & Sort...

NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices

NHS Dictionary of Medicines and Devices

Smart and Integrated Ticketing Report

Report to investigate the awareness of and use made of multi-journey tickets on bus and train journeys. Source agency: Regional Development (Northern Ireland) Designation: Official Statistics not...

Smart Metering Demand Estimation Profile

Used to inform bidders  in CSP, DSP and licensing competitions of expected volume of use of DCC system

Adverse Incident Reporting (medical devices)

adverse incidents involving medical devices. Continuous collection. Safety reportsconcerning medical devices - collection, analysis and response

SMarT Training Provider Database

Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology Training Provider Database. Records the training details given to Seafarers

Energy consumption for selected Bristol buildings from smart meters by half hour

Energy consumption, Gas and Electricity, for selected Bristol buildings from smart meters by half hour.

Printer usage

Printer usage by department, device, user, document information and other dimensions, from printer management software. Covers UK offices only, from 2012.

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service Mobile Usage

Data pertaining to use of mobile phone and broadband devices by employees and internet usage by employees.

OS Detailed Path Network

OS Detailed Path Network is a fully-connected, heighted path network covering Britain’s National Parks. Create off-road navigation apps, build exciting navigation websites and apps that help your...

Summary provisional statistics on breath alcohol screening tests England and Wales

The bulletin provides some provisional analysis based on the results of breath alcohol tests administered by police in 2009 at the roadside using recently introduced new digital breath testing...

Air Quality Monitors

Provides information in respect of location of monitoring stations by means of passive devices (diffusion tubes).

Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM)

The data contain information on the implantation of devices for managing patients with heart rhythm problems in hospitals in England. The data are taken from the National Audit of Cardiac Rhythm...

Energy generation from Solar Panel PV arrays

Energy generation from Solar Panel PV arrays for selected Bristol buildings. Includes daily output from smart meters for the week commencing 14 Jan 2014, Feed-In-Tariff claims for the Solar Panel...

IT Services - Information

Dataset of IT storage, server, network and security, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity and end user devices.

Textures summary by Soil Association

Soil texture fractions associated with each soil association in the national map (WARNING soil fractions have been averaged across the soil association which is not very smart)

Calderdale Data Works Web stats

Sessions, page views, users, devices and referrals for the DataWorks platform using information from Google Analytics. The interactive dashboard provides data by month from September 2018 for...

Mill Road Project: Traffic Sensor Data

15 smart sensors have been installed on Mill Road and surrounding streets to record numbers of pedestrians, bicycles, cars and other vehicles. The data being collated and analysed by the Smart...