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Software Licence Tracker

Details of licensing information for software purchased/held by DfT(Central).

Fitness Information System Software

Actually three different systems, one for each Service.  The systems record Fitness levels of all Service Personnel. This is a DASA hosted system used by the three Services.

Software licences

A list of software licenses.

FSA Applications

All applications in use by the FSA.

Biological dosimetry software

Statistical analysis & interpretation of cytogenetic data

SysAid Helpdesk Software

Database linked to Wisdom via user groups. KIM add / remove / amend content.

Estates Applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work.

Estates Applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work.

Planning applications

National statistics about the number of planning applications made and permissions granted in England.Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: National Statistics Language:...

Felling Licence Applications England

Felling Licence Application (FLA) areas approved by Forestry Commission England. Anyone wishing to fell trees must ensure that a licence or permission under a grant scheme has been issued by the...

Estates Payments applications for Payment

Invoices for Estates related work. Updated: daily.

Planning Applications, England

Information on planning applications and decisions provided at national, regional and local authority level. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: National...

Import licence applications

The Import Licensing Branch (ILB) controls the importation of certain sensitive goods into the UK. It does this by issuing import licences to companies who wish to bring controlled goods into the...

NI 157d - Processing of planning applications as measured against targets for 'major' 'minor' and 'other' application types - County Applications

This indicator measures the percentage of planning applications dealt with in a timely manner: major, minor and other. All local planning authorities except county councils should use CLG form PS2...

Applications for Grants

List of the applications for funding. Competitions are the principal vehicle for work of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in allocation of grants. Applications are made by individuals and...

IT System ("ELGAR") Application List including Core, Corporate, Group & Underlying Applications

List of all desktop applications used within the BIS IT system ("ELGAR") environment and databases (supported and unsupported) held within the Department

Representations on TWA Order applications

Letters and e-mails expressing views on applications for Transport and Works Act (TWA) Orders. These include names and addresses and sometimes phone nos.

Applicants to the Social Outcomes Fund

Names, contact details, status and documentation of Expressions of Interest to the Fund submitted in the first round and the same for the Full Applications. In addition we have the names and...

Export control licence applications

The Export Control Organisation controls the export of military and dual-use items. It does this by issuing export licences to UK companies who wish to export controlled goods overseas. Export...

Online Vetting Application Spreadsheet

This excel spreadsheet records details of security clearance applications which have been made online by the Department and National Security Vetting sponsors. It contains the names and dates of...