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Dangerous Persons Database

UK-wide system used to store and share information and intelligence on those individuals who have been identified as posing a risk of serious harm to the public.

Send money to someone in prison performance data

This page provides data on the performance of the Send money to someone in prison service. The data is updated weekly, but the latest month will not always have complete figures.

Dangerous Goods

Records of packaging approvals and test reports. Customer information.

Carriage of Dangerous Goods - Prohibition Notices

The Prohibition Notices below were issued by Police or the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) or the Department for Transport (DfT).

RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations

Last updated 11/16


GGVS is an application to register all vehicle Information and the production of legal certification pertaining to the inspection of dangerous goods vehicles and private vehicles over 3.5 tonne.

Hate crimes England and Wales

Hate crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales by police force area. ‘Hate crime’ is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by hostility towards...

Police fatal accident files

This asset contains police fatal road traffic accident files. The detailed information contained in these files relates to road accidents in participating police force areas where someone has been...

FCO Online travel advice

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel advice for you to re-use in your own applications, widgets and content. It contains current advice for UK travellers to specific countries, detailing...

Public attitudes towards mobility scooters

This report discusses results from the ONS Opinions Survey on public attitudes towards whether those wanting to use mobility scooters need licensing and training. It also estimates how many people...

Classifications Database (CAFE)

Database of classifications of Class 1 dangerous goods, i.e. explosives and fireworks, which identifies the hazards posed by explosive substances and articles as packaged for transport. The...

Prosecutions and convictions by ethnicity

The data shows the ‘conviction ratio’ for defendants from different ethnic groups. A defendant is someone who has been accused of committing a crime. The conviction ratio is the number of...

Immigration Statistics: asylum

This release replaces the previous annual and quarterly publications Control of Immigration Statistics and the annual British Citizenship, following a public consultation. Each topic now has its...

Adult participation in learning

An adult learner is someone aged 16 and over who has done some taught and/or non-taught adult learning over the 12 months. Source: Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF), Annual...

OS Linked Identifiers API

The OS Linked Identifiers API allows you to access the valuable relationships between properties, streets and OS MasterMap identifiers (TOIDs). Benefit from the valuable relationship found in OS...

Personal Social Services Survey of Adult Carers in England

This is a biennial survey, undertaken by councils in which carers’ thoughts and opinions were sought on a number of topics that are considered to be indicative of a balanced life alongside their...

Active library users by age

A dataset showing the number of active library users by age band. An active library user is defined as someone who has borrowed/renewed a book or used a library computer within the last year

Homelessness prevention and relief

Annual figures for each local authority in England on the outcomes of actions to prevent or relieve homelessness. Under the Homelessness Act 2002, local housing authorities must have a strategy for...

Camden Equality Profile LATEST

The briefing provides an equality profile of Camden’s population according to the nine protected characteristics named in the Equality Act 2010. The Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against...

Carers Allowance (CA)

Carers Allowance (CA) is a non-contributory benefit for men and women: who look after a severely disabled person for at least 35 hours a week, who are not gainfully employed (i.e. not earning more...