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Countryside Stewardship Woodland Sub Compartments

Countryside Stewardship (CS) was launched in 2015 and is a Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) grant scheme. It will contribute around £900 million over six years to help farmers and...

Personal Income Analyses: Except Sub Regional

Provides detailed information on individuals liable to UK income tax and their incomes, including gender, age, income source and tax distribution. Previously listed under 'Revenue-based Taxes and...

English Woodland Grant Scheme Sub Compartments

The English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) was launched in 2005 and offered 6 grants for the creation and stewardship of woodlands. This dataset contains the sub-compartments that make up the EWGS...

Paper file retrievals from HMRC Document Storage Repositories

Total volumes of all paper files requested from HMRC Document Storage Repositories. Updated: daily required for monthly update.

Sub-national gas consumption

Statistics on the consumption of gas broken down by local authority. Accredited Official Statistics

Sub-national electricity consumption

Statistics on the consumption of electricity broken down by local authority. Accredited Official Statistics

Cycle Storage

Location and number of cycle storage facilities, including stands, shelters and lockers. Details include: description, number, location, town and geographical co-ordinates.  [Cycle...

Sub-regional household population projections

Projected change in household population at sub-regional level Tables provide the latest, most useful or most popular data, presented by type and other variables, including by geographical area or...

Sub-regional Feed-in Tariffs statistics

Quarterly sub-regional statistics which show the number of installations and total installed capacity by technology type in England, Scotland and Wales at the end of the latest quarter that have...

Fuel Poverty in England: sub-regional

Fuel Poverty sub-regional statistics (England only) Official Statistics

Sub-national road transport consumption

Statistics on the consumption of petrol and diesel broken down by local authority and vehicle type. Accredited Official Statistics

Sub-national residual fuel consumption

Statistics on the consumption of residual fuel data broken down by local authority. Residual fuels are fuels not used for electricity generation or road transport, and are defined as non-gas,...

Sub-national electricity consumption in Northern Ireland

Sub-national domestic and non-domestic electricity consumption in Northern Ireland Official Statistics

Sub-national gas consumption in Northern Ireland

Sub-national domestic and non-domestic gas consumption in Northern Ireland. Official Statistics

Sub-national total final energy consumption

Statistics of total final energy consumption at a country, regional and local authority level. Accredited Official Statistics

QICS Paper: Perceptions of sub-seabed carbon dioxide storage in Scotland and implications for policy: A qualitative study

The geological storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) offers notable potential, as part of larger carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) processes, to be a significant climate change mitigation...

QICS Paper: Detection and impacts of leakage from sub-seafloor deep geological carbon dioxide storage

Fossil fuel power generation and other industrial emissions of carbon dioxide are a threat to global climate1, yet many economies will remain reliant on these technologies for several decades....

Waste treatment and storage

This gives indicative boundaries of the waste management sites known to the County Council. It is intended to assist in the implementation of Policy WCS 16 of the Waste Core Strategy but is not and...

England Peat Status GHG and C storage

The Peat Layer was produced by Natural England (ARM team) during June-October 2008, with the aim of identifying the extent of three classes of peaty soils for the purposes of the Partnership...

Thames Estuary 2100 Flood Storage areas

Thames Estuary flood storage areas are potential areas of riverside with the primary purpose to receive and store tidal flood flows during large storm surge events. They aim to help reduce extreme...