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Water pollution, substantiated incidents

Water pollution, substantiated incidents

CPZ Ticket Machines

shows boundaries and locations of lambeth parking services information

Metalworking machine tools

Output of UK-based manufacturers. Source agency: Office for National Statistics Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: MWMT

A new machine learning approach to seabed biotope classification

Files for use with the R script accompanying the paper Cooper (2020). Note that this script also uses files from ``_ (details provided in script). Cooper,...

National Road Condition Database

National Road Condition Database. Measurements of road surface condition of roads taken from local authority SCANNER (Surface Condition Assessment for the Nationals Network of Roads). These machine...

ETHOS Remote Access Service (RAS) User database

Contains details of all Department for Transport central staff who have been issued with a laptop to enable them to use the ETHOS Remote Access Service. The database contains the following details:...

Tate Collection works - Creative Commons

A substantial portion of the 70,000 Tate collection works are being made available under Creative Commons licences

National Forest Estate Recreaton Points England 2016

Physical recreation feature on the ground best depicted as point. These features a divided into eight Categories... Signage - FC branded signs, information and navigational aids, which have...

Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order (RTFO) information

All information required to operate accounts under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order 2007(as amended), includes account holder details, company addresses and user details (names,...

Sunderland ATMs

List of all free and surcharging Cash point machines in Sunderland.

Planning Applications 2010- 31/3/2020

List of all Planning Applications submitted since 2010, presented in a machine-readable format.

Planning Applications Database

List of all Planning Applications submitted since 2010, presented in a machine-readable format.

Planning Applications Database

List of all Planning Applications submitted since 2010, presented in a machine-readable format.

Dementia - projections

People with dementia require substantial amounts of care, particularly social care. Their numbers are predictable from simple calculations applied to population projections . This indicator...

Planning Applications Database from 1st April 2020

A list of all planning applications submitted to Colchester Borough Council since 1st April 2020; in machine-readable format and updated monthly.

Rushmoor Borough Council Parking Management Civil Parking Enforcement Account

Annual expenditure and income from Penalty charge notices and Pay and display machines for both off street car parks (Rushmoor owned) and on street parking (owned by Hampshire County Council)

Statistics on NHS Stop Smoking Services in England

This quarterly report presents provisional results from the monitoring of the NHS Stop Smoking Services in England. It includes information on the number of people setting a quit date and the...

Understanding impacts of changes in artificial lighting regimes on moths

Report contains data that can be used under Open Government Licence. Main report and appendices contain tables of data, infographics and maps. Some maps have separate copyright statement. The...

Public bodies that have been closed as at 22 August 2012

The Government’s Public Bodies Review in 2010 covered over 900 public bodies and was initiated to increase transparency and accountability, to cut out duplication of activity, and to discontinue...

Greenhouse Gas exchange data from Flanders Moss forest with associated temperature and soil water data

The effect of tree (lodgepole pine) planting with and without intensive drainage on soil greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes was assessed after 45 yr at a raised peatbog in West Flanders Moss, central...