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Conduct and Discipline Databases

Information regarding Grievance / Harassment cases and disciplinary offences

Independent Monitoring Board Conduct & Discipline Cases

Complaints about IMB members by IMB Members, Staff, detainees or prisoners

Defra Publications – unique reference numbers

Defra produces a range of publications which are available on the GOV.UK website. Each publication is given a unique reference number (URN) which is known internally as a PB number. This dataset...

Number of unique users on – (where cookies consented)

Number of unique users on – (where cookies consented)

Misuse of Data

The number of staff who are disciplined for mis-use of data. Updated: monthly.

Misuse of Data

The number of staff who are disciplined for mis-use of data. Updated: monthly.


A Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) is a unique numeric identifier for every addressable location in Great Britain, found in OS's AddressBase products. An addressable location may be any kind...


A dataset of unique identifiers for a wide range of landscape and built environment features, with a generalised location, extracted from OS MasterMap products. A TOID (Topographic Identifier) is...

Department for Transport Equality Monitoring Annual Summary

An analysis of staff diversity, for staff in post. The analysis looks at staff in post, cessations, grievances and discipline, training, sickness absence, performance markings and recruitment, and...


A dataset containing all USRNs from OS MasterMap Highways Network with a simplified line geometry. A Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) is a unique and persistent identifier for every street,...

OS Open Built Up Areas

OS Open Built Up Areas represents the built up areas of Great Britain and contains three unique datasets, offering maximum flexibility to meet your needs: Built Up Areas, Built Up Extents and Non...

Food Hygiene Ratings website pages

A breakdown of the Food Hygiene Ratings top pages showing page views and unique page views.

Food Hygiene Ratings website traffic

A breakdown of the Food Hygiene Ratings website traffic data showing total number of visits, unique visitors and page views.


Ordnance Survey's addressing product, AddressBase® matches 29 million Royal Mail postal address to unique property reference numbers (UPRN), bringing a geographical dimension to the matched...

OS Linked Identifiers API

The OS Linked Identifiers API allows you to access the valuable relationships between properties, streets and OS MasterMap identifiers (TOIDs). Benefit from the valuable relationship found in OS...

Prison National Offender Management Information System (p-NOMIS) and Inmate Information System (IIS)

Operational database used in prisons for the management of offenders. It contains offenders' personal details, age group, type of offence(s), type of custody (including those remanded on bail and...

Street Address

The Street Address Feature Type provides street address information for any road, footpath, cycleway, byway, or bridleway that has been uniquely identified by the local Highway Authority, or Street...

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most detailed and accurate view of Great Britain's landscape. It includes features representing the manmade and natural environment, including: roads, tracks...

OS Open Linked Identifiers

OS Open Linked Identifiers provides authoritative relationship between UPRNs, USRNs, TOIDs and meta data to enable reliable matching; for greater data connectivity. Authoritative relationships OS...

Single Business Identifier

Data from Single Business Identifier, includes various identifiers such as the Unique Taxpayer Reference (used Self Assessment & COTAX) / PAYE reference numbers (PAYEREF) / Vat Reference...