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Defined Settlement Boundaries

Defined Settlement Boundaries that are applied to the main settlements (villages and towns) within the Forest of Dean district.

Timber Processing Sites GB

This dataset contains point locations for a variety of timber processing sites. Sites include sawmills, and board, pellet, bark and fencing manufactuctureres. The dataset is used for Plant Health...

Production of Processed Milk

The latest national statistics produced by Defra on UK production of processed milk (condensed milk and milk powders). Source agency: Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Designation: National...

Housing Benefit Speed of Processing

Statistics on the average number of days to process (i) new (ii) change of circumstances of HB / CTB claims. Note: Prior to Oct 2011 this was named HB/CTB Right Time...

Tunbridge Wells Open Data Layers

Create your own map using layers from the Open Data Site using this mapping application

FS307035 - AMR in biofilms in secondary meat processing plants

These are supplementary datasets referred to in the report FS307035 Appendices for research project FS307035 - Antimicrobial Resistance in Biofilms Formed During Secondary Food Processing of Meat...

MMO1074 Summary of relevant research on defining core fishing grounds

This dataset displays the relevant research methodologies identified in MMO1074 to define core fishing grounds.

Cost per passenger processed at the border

Total costs attributed to processing passengers at the border, the number of passengers processed and the cost of each passenger processed at the border from 2010-11 onwards for each financial...

Key data on family return process

Information on the family cases that have been put through the new family returns process.

Evaluation of the new family returns process

The report evaluates the conformity to process, welfare and safeguarding, preparation and barriers to return of families.

Child Well-being Index (CWI) 2009: Material well-being domain

The proportion of children experiencing income deprivation. The material well-being index is a comprehensive, non-overlapping count of children living in households in receipt of both in-work and...

Wells and Consent register (WONS)

Database of well consents and notifications

Child Well-being Index

The Child Well-being Index (CWI) represents the first attempt to create a small area index exclusively for children in England. Unlike the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), the CWI was...

Permitted Processes

there is no information available

Tunbridge Wells Open Data - Tansparency - Organisation Chart

Under new regulations to promote openness and transparency, local authorities have to publish an organisational chart showing the top three levels of the organisation.The following information is...

Tunbridge Wells Open Data - Budget 2021 to 2022


Tunbridge Wells Open Data - Codebook 2017-18

The council's budgeted non-capital expenditure for 2017/18, broken down by type of spending

Tunbridge Wells Open Data - Budget 2012 to 2013

The purpose of this report is to set the Council’s budget for the year and update the Medium Term Financial Strategy

Tunbridge Wells Open Data - Codebook 2022-23


Tunbridge Wells Open Data - Codebook 2019-20

Tunbridge Wells Open Data - Transparency - Codebook 2019 to 2020