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Organisation Chart

Organisation Chart for top three tiers of management including title, grade, salary and contact details.  This information is published as part of the [Local Government Transparency...

Libraries Annual Performance Data - Calendar Year

Manchester City Council Libraries Annual Performance Data by Calendar Year

Pendle Fraud Investigation

Counter fraud activities in this context only include activities to prevent fraudulent claims against public sector or related organisations. It does not include activities to investigate or...

Manchester Trade Union Facility Time

Trade Union Facilities for non-schools staff. This data set includes: Total number (absolute number and full time equivalent) of staff who are union representatives (including general,...

Opening LA Transport Data - CYC Bid

City of York Council's application to [__DfT's competition for opening local authority transport...

Salford City Council Parking Account and Parking Spaces

This report provides a breakdown of income and expenditure on Salford City Council's parking account, including revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and Penalty Charge...

Trade Union Act

The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 came into force on the 1st April 2017. These regulations place a legislative requirement on relevant public sector...

Headline Report Residents Survey Feb-14

Analysis of the results of the Residents' Survey Feb-14

Headline Report Residents Survey Mar-15

Analysis of the results of the Residents' Survey Mar-15.

Employability Performance Rating (EPR) Annual Ratings

The EPR is an annual rating which generates a rating from zero to four stars for grant holders based upon a provider’s performance in three Key Performance Areas (KPAs): **delivery performance,...

London Employability Performance Rating (EPR) guidance and tools

 In order to receive a rating, providers will be required to enter their data in the Employability Performance Rating Calculator (EPRC); this can be downloaded from the link below. Guidance on...

Fraud Data

Data on fraud investigation carried out by City of York Council – use of powers, number of investigators and investigations, and monetary value of fraud identified. This data is required to be...

Sensory Support Survey - Results

City of York Council conducted a survey so we could hear from people who use sensory support services, and those who might need to in the future (and their families and carers). We hoped this would...

GLA Code of Statistics

This timetable shows the advance publication dates of statistics published by the GLA Group under voluntary application of the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice. ### List of GLA Group...

Authorisations for Veterinary Medicines

All marketing authorisations, homeopathic remedies, and specified feed additives published in the Product Information Database on GOV.UK.

Organogram and staff pay data for Buying Solutions

A list of Senior Civil Service posts in Buying Solutions including title, contact details, their line manager, and where disclosed, the name of the officer. There are no vacant posts and all...

Prison population monthly bulletin

Prison population in, and capacity of, each prison establishment.

Translink Northern Ireland Rail Timetable

NIR rail timetable cif data valid from 26 January 2016

Vehicle Safety Branch Recalls Database

Holds information relating to Manufacturer initiated recalls,

One North East Prompt Payment Data

One North East Prompt Payment Data