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Consolidated European Reporting System (CERS)

Consolidated European Reporting System contains all information about vessels moving around and in/out of UK waters, which carry dangerous or polluting goods.

Mobile Maritime Service Identification (MMSI) Register

Mobile Maritime Service Identification Register. Contains names, address and contact details for vessel owners, and emergency contact details

Channel Navigation Information System (CNIS)

System using active radar monitoring to ensure vessel safety in the Dover Strait, Thames Estuary and their approaches.

Ship Security Plans

Plans to prevent illegal acts against a ship, its crew and passengers and to minimise damage to the marine environment and to port facilities

Hydrographic Data

Seabed depth data, seabed salinity data and tidal data.

Information Management System (IMS)

Records details of all incidents at sea or along the coastline the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) is responsible for, during and after the incident

Electronic Property Information Mapping Service

An OGC on-line (extranet) application designed to hold information about all MCA properties

Freedom Of Information Tracking Database

Contains names, addresses and contact details of Freedom Of Information applicants and the actions taken in response to their request

Customer Contacts Database

Contains customer contact details, vessel details and emails. Data collection ceased.

Approved Doctors Information System (ADIS)

Doctors details who have been approved by the MCA to conduct medical examinations on seafarers. It records seafarer medical failures and seafarer appeal details

Hodgkin's Expert Advice Tool (HEAT)

System which records call logs, hardware inventory and internal customer contact profiles

Contracts Database

Contract information for the entire MCA, incl. letters of tender, request to purchase, contractual delegation, dates, extensions etc.

Redfern Travel Contract

Contains staff details to book all business travel.

Security Vetting Workbook

Records vetting levels of those MCA personnel who have clearance above Baseline Personnel Security Standard (CTC, SC and DV)

Boatmasters' Licence System

Personal data relating to applicants for Boatmasters' licences including qualifications and certification

SMarT Training Provider Database

Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology Training Provider Database. Records the training details given to Seafarers

Osccar (Santia Occupational Health)

Santia are providers of occupational health worker assessments

Information and Communications Technology Wiki

Online Information and Communications Technology (ICT) desk instructions

Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS)

Records all radio and telephone traffic

Surveyors - Survey and Inspection Form Flow

Contains vessel details, permitted modes of operation, exemptions granted to regulations and company details