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Financial data system to process MCA invoices

Human Resource Management Information System (HR MIS)

HR MIS stores a range of employee personal data

Surveyors - Survey and Inspection Electronic Forms

Contains vessel details, permitted modes of operation, exemptions granted to regulations and company details

Seafarer Documentation System (SDS)

Records all details of Seafarers qualifications

Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Business Directory

Names and business contact details for MCA staff

Coastguard 66 Administration Log

Voluntary register of small pleasure crafts, includes details of vessel and owner.

Voice Recording System

Emergency call recorder - details time of call, identity of caller and position of caller

Unedited Helicopter Video Footage

Helicopter crew taken footage during flights

Survey and Inspection Database (SIAS)

Contains Port State Control inspection data about vessels


Information Management Processing and Retrieval System. Contains file prefixes and numbering, file titles, file locations, file history, name and location of file holder

Internal Code Vessel Database

Contains ship certificate details and owner details

IMAGE Database

Images relevant to the MCA

Fleet Management System (FMS)

UK ship register, contains vessel identification details and owner details


Records time spent on various jobs across MCA

Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) database

Contains mandatory registration of 406 MHz beacons, owners and 24 hour contact information

Data Warehouse

Information stored can be from any MCA corporate database, which is then presented in a report format

Content Management System (CMS)

Is a system which allows information to be updated on to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency related web pages in a variety of different documents

Blackberry Enterprise Server

Contains username, password, real name and internist emails. Data collection ceased.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Vessel details are recorded for statistical analysis

AI Media Spotlight

An internet accessible web application for the management of public relations information and contacts with members of the press