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AWARD Evaluation Data Site

Web-based. Holds bidders submissions and the record of our evaluation of the submissions.

Permitted Waste Sites - Authorised Landfill Site Boundaries

The Permitted Waste Sites - Authorised Landfill Site Boundaries is a polygon dataset that contains the boundaries of landfill sites that are currently authorised by the Environment Agency under...

Dept for Communities and Local Government INSPIRE OGC WMS Service

DCLG's INSPIRE OGC WMS Service under the terms of the the Public Sector End User Licence - INSPIRE...

InterCity West Coast Data Site

Web-based data room providing information to parties prequalified to receive an Invitation to Tender.

Department for Transport Procurement Data Site

Holds information for external advisers.

Government Shared Services Data Site

Web-based data room for the Shared Services procurement competition. Data collectgion ceased.

NHS Trust Sites

NHS Trust Sites Contains: Ets.csv contains just NHS Trust sites. All three files follow the same format and conventions, although fields 14 and 15 are only populated for NHS Trust Site...

Care Trusts and Sites

NHS Care Trusts and Sites Contains: Care Trust and Care Trust Site data. Ecare.csv contains both parent organisations and sites. All three Care Trust files follow the same format and...

Care Trust Sites

NHS Care Trust Sites Contains: Care Trust Site data - Ectsite.csv contains only the sites. All three Care Trust files follow the same format and conventions, although field 14 is only...

Care Home Sites

Care Home Sites Contains: Care Home site data. In the ‘Care Homes’ files, field 15 identifies the owning organisation of each individual Care Home organisation - in other words, their...

Web site registrations

The names, interests and contact details of organisations and individuals who have registered on the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) web sites.

UK Ramsar sites

Ramsar sites are wetlands of international importance designated under the Ramsar Convention. This dataset contains basic site details for all designated Ramsar sites within the UK and its Overseas...

Historic Landfill Sites

This data is a national historic landfill dataset that defines the location of and provides specific attributes for known historic landfill sites. An historic landfill is a site where there is no...

Onshore Borehole Collection.

Collection of drillcore, bulk samples, unwashed cuttings and processed material from onshore boreholes drilled in the UK by BGS, commercial and public bodies. Developed as part of the BGS...

Digital inclusion

Internet usage and digital inclusion statistics

Community Care Statistics: Home Help/care for Adults

The Statistical Report and Internet tables present information provided by Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs) relating to home care services purchased or provided during...

Local Sites in Positive Conservation Management in England

Local sites (ie sites designated locally for their substantive nature conservation importance, either for wildlife or geology). These sites are being managed so as to preserve their nature...

London Site Business Continuity Contact Data

A data set in two parts - one in MS WORD, the other in MS EXCEL - that contains: names; telephone numbers (business telephone numbers, home telephone numbers, mobile telephone numbers, pager...

UK Search and Rescue (SAR) Data Site

Web-based data room for the UK SAR procurement project. Originally named GAP SAR

Government Shared Services (Swansea) data site

Collection and dissemination of information about current Shared Service Centre (Swansea) operations (including but not limited to staff, business processes, contracts, property and IT) as well as...