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Heliconius butterfly collection records in the Chocó-Darien Rainforest (Ecuador, Colombia, Panama) 2014-2016

These data comprise collection records of Heliconius butterfly samples collected in the Chocó-Darien ecoregion between the Andes and the Pacific in Ecuador and Colombia, and the Pacific coast of...

Amazon tree ring isotope records of Macrolobium acaciifolium and Cedrela odorata

The data consist of tree ring oxygen (δ18Otr) and carbon (δ13Ctr) isotope data of Macrolobium acaciifolium and Cedrela odorata from five sites in the Amazon basin, including Pacaya (Peru) and...

High-resolution satellite-gauge merged precipitation climatologies of the tropical Andes

A set of 130 digital precipitation maps of the tropical Andes, covering Colombia, Ecuador and Peru at a 5km resolution. The maps represent different realizations of mean precipitation totals of the...