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Green spaces

NB: This dataset is *discontinued* Percentage of residents satisfied with local parks Source: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) Publisher: DCLG Floor Targets Interactive Geographies:...

Nitrate survey of leafy green vegetables

Nitrate occurrence levels reported for spinach, rocket, lettuce and minor varieties.

Green Space Skills

CABE research into the skill levels of people employed in the green space industry. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National...

Green Deal subsidy omnibus

Survey of consumers to find out how take up of green Deal is affected by subsigy

Green Deal cashback omnibus

Omnibus survey of consumers to test response to cashback options

Green Belt Statistics, England

Statistics on designated Green Belt land. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Green Belt Statistics, England

Green Deal incentives and segmentation survey

Survey of consumers attitides to various aspects of green deal. Includes a conjoint component and segmentation

Greening Government Data for Department for Education

Data includes gas, electricity and water usage, waste tonnage produced, paper procured, and data on business travel costs and carbon usage

Greening Government Commitments for the Defra Estate

This dataset underpins how Defra is changing its energy use to bring about sustainable improvements in efficiency and performance as part of it Greening Government commitment.

Green Deal Central Charge Database

Financial data required for Green deal plan transactions

Green Belt

Polygon dataset showing the location of the green belt in the Cotswold District.

Green Belt

The extent of the Green Belt around Nottingham - Derby which appears within the boundaries of Nottingham City. The Local Plan policy is to maintain the openness of the Green Belt.

Green Belt

Polygon dataset showing the part of the Oxford Green Belt within West Oxfordshire District.

Green Corridors

Continuous areas of open space leading through built environment that may or may not be linked but provide an extension of habitats.

Green Links

Areas of linked but separate open spaces and the footpaths between them. Accessible to the public, covers other pedestrian & cycle routes ie not green see LDF Core Strategy Appendix 4

Village Greens

Locations of VILLAGE GREENS within the Ribble Valley.

Green Spaces

Open and green spaces within Birmingham

Village Greens

Land designated as Village Green in Stockport

Green Belt

Areas designated as Green Belt in Stockport

Green Infrastructure

This data shows various habitat groupings including: Allotments; Amenity and Green Corridor; Arable and Pastureland; Calcareous and Neutral Grassland; Cemeteries and Churchyards; Civic and...