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2023, The Carbon Trust and Frazer-Nash Consultancy, The Crown Estate - Technical Data and Evidence Programme, Guidance on Power Density

The Crown Estate requested guidance from Carbon Trust and Frazer-Nash Consultancy to understand the influence of power density for future floating offshore wind farms. The focus of this study...

2019, Structural Lifecycle Industry Collaboration (SLIC), S-N Curves and Guidance for Fatigue Assessment of Butt Welded Thick Steel Plates based on Large Scale Tests

Structural Lifecycle Industry Collaboration (SLIC), is a Joint Industry Project with the participation of Offshore Wind Operators, the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change and The Crown...

2010, METOC, Kyle Rhea, Metocean Design Basis for Marine Current Turbines

This document provides meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) criteria for use in designing the devices for extreme loading and fatigue and planning their installation. It provides...