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UKAEA Transactions

Financial transactions of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. Published monthly.

Authority Pension Scheme Records

Records related to the operation of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Pension Schemes.

UKAEA Prompt Payment Data

Prompt payment return data for the UK Atomic Energy Authority, showing invoices paid within 5 and 10 days of receipt.

Met Office Download Service (Atom Feed)

Met Office INSPIRE Download Service (Atom Feed)

Historic Environment Scotland Download Service (Atom Feed)

This download service provides spatial data available from Historic Environment Scotland. The following datasets are included: - World Heritage Sites - Conservation Areas - Scheduled Monuments -...

Atomic scale simulations of hydrous vacancies in forsterite (NERC Grant NE/M000044/1)

These data files represent simulations of hydrated cation vacancies in the mantle mineral forsterite (Mg2SiO4) undertaken using the CASTEP atomic scale simulation code (

Hydrothermal Atomic Force Microscopy construction drawings (NERC Grant NE/P004024/1)

Graphite software drawings of hydrothermal Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) parts. Each part is on a different file. Complete housing assembly drawing shows stacking of all different part on assembled...

Atomic Force Microscopy images of surface nanobubbles on the carbonate mineral dolomite (NERC grant NE/M011429/1)

Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy images (NC-AFM) of surface nanobubbles on the carbonate mineral dolomite. Since surface nanobubbles were first imaged in 2000, they have been of growing interest...

BGS INSPIRE download service feed

This INSPIRE network service provides an Atom feed of predefined datasets that are available for download.

Atomic Force Microscopy images of surface nanobubbles on the rare earth fluorcarbonate mineral synchysite (NERC grant NE/M011429/1)

Non -contact atomic force microscopy (NC-AFM) images of surface nanobubbles on the fluorcarbonate mineral synchysite. Synchysite is a rare earth fluorcarbonate mineral which has previously been...

Speleothem chemical data and soil acidity experiments (NE/K012827/1)

speleothem data - ICP-AES (Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy) , incomplete soil acidity experiments - soil water chemistry after acidification - incomplete

Isotope ratio measurements of the AMES Ce (cerium) standard (Willbold, 2007) (NERC Grant NE/J018031/1)

The dataset consists of a table of 64 isotope ratio measurements of the AMES Ce standard (Willbold, 2007). The data was collected at Imperial College, London between April 2013 and March 2014 using...

Predicted Caesium-137 deposition from atmospheric nuclear weapons tests

Prediction of Caesium-137 (Cs-137) deposition from atmospheric nuclear weapons tests. The methodology uses a ratio of Cs-137 deposition and precipitation measured at Milford Haven by the Atomic...

Chemical kinetic mechanism describing the atmospheric chemistry of 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP) and piperazine (PIP) with OH, NO2, Cl and N2O3. Gaussian software methodology and calculations (UKCCSRC Grant EP/P026214/1)

Amine atmospheric chemistry kinetic mechanism and related Gaussian 09 electronic structure outputs. A text document with a chemical kinetic reaction mechanism appropriate for the atmospheric...

A database of radionuclide biological half-life values for wildlife

Data comprise biological and ecological half-life values for marine, freshwater, terrestrial and riparian organisms. The database includes 1908 biological half-life values for 52 elements across a...

Rainfall, throughfall and stemflow for beech and ash stands in temperate English deciduous woodlands

Water quality data produced from rainfall, throughfall and stemflow samples collected within a beech stand at Black Wood in Hampshire, and an ash stand at Old Pond Close in Northamptonshire. Two...

ROS - Cadastral Parcels Download Service

INSPIRE Cadastral Parcels is a dataset maintained and produced by the Registers of Scotland to comply with the INSPIRE Directive. It is a sub-set of the Cadastral Map and contains the location of...

N-alkanoic acid hydrogen isotope composition and biomarker concentration of sediments from Lake Suigetsu, Japan (132,700 to 125,200 cal BP)

[This dataset is embargoed until July 1, 2025]. This dataset contains information about the compound-specific stable hydrogen isotope composition (δ2H) of n-alkanoic acids with 26, 28 and 30 carbon...

Sediment records of the 2016-2017 flood from Notwane dam, Upper Limpopo basin, Botswana

The data set contains grain size distributions, organic matter (OM) contents and trace metals distribution metal distribution (Fe, Zn, Cu, Cr and Pb) of seven (7) shallow cores of sediments from...

Solomon Islands Regional Geochemistry.

Two geochemical surveys were undertaken in the Solomon Islands between 1976 and 1983 as part of a combined geological mapping and mineral exploration project. The survey of Choiseul and the...