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Inefficiency compensation

Departmental spend and number of cases

Compensation and Pensions system

Data received from SPVA used to analyse compensation payments. Data is received is for all people in receipt of a pension but only the compensation part is analysed.

Firearms compensation database

Amount of money paid out in compensation following the surrender of hand guns.

Compensation claims by compensator and type

Compensation claims made in year by compensator in relation to personal injury claims, with personal injury case type noted.

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme

Compensation claims and payments for injury, illness or death caused by service in the UK armed forces. Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Bovine TB: compensation value tables

Compensation is paid according to published table values for any cattle compulsorily culled to control the spread of the following diseases: bovine TB brucellosis enzootic bovine leukosis In...

Victims of Overseas Terrorism Compensation Scheme Cases Resolved (CICA)

Information on the compensation application outcomes for victims of overseas terrorism. Data contains personal details of applicants, case type, reasons and numbers of rejections, amount of award.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority - cases resolved 2013-14

Anonymised data on cases resolved by CICA from April 2013 to March 2014 Claims are assessed against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in use at the time of the application. Injuries...

Compensation and Pensions System

Details of Service Personnel pension data

Allerdale Land Compensation Act Land Charge

Land Compensation Act recorded as a Land Charge and expressed as polygon extents.

Aggregate statistics set (CICA)

Information on the outcome of applications for compensation from all the schemes managed by the CICA. Data are aggregated for convenience and where possible released at the individual level in...

Sun System (CICA)

Information on the volume of third party (including medical authorities) and supplier payments including their details, volume and total value of retained awards, volume of civil and court debtors,...

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Trigger Database

Feeds compensation data to the payment enabling system

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Appeals Table

Details of compensation appeals hearings

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme Interim Database

Interim system for compensation used before asset No 17

Digital Record Store (including data from former Electronic Document Management (EDM) operated by Capita to May 2011

Records associated with claims for compensation

Compensation Recovery Scheme: Benefit and Health service recoveries

Compensation Recovery Scheme (CRS) administer the compensation recovery, lump sum payments and health service charges schemes in Northern Ireland. This contains the value of recoveries during each...

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit Database containing details of customers who are ill or disabled as a result of an accident or disease caused through work. The amount payable is subject to...

ACP and Redundancy Database (SERCO)

Database maintained to verify contractor's claims for Annual Compensation Payments (pensions) and redundancy costs.

ACP and Redundancy Database (BAE)

Database maintained to verify contractor's claims for Annual Compensation Payments (pensions) and redundancy costs.