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Police integrity and corruption inspection data

This data was collected to support the HMIC report "Police integrity and corruption force reports" published on 27 November 2014.

Corruption in the police service England and Wales: second report - based on the IPCC's experience 2008-2011

Report into the IPCC's experience of corruption in the police service England and Wales

Newcastle City Council fraud data

The council seeks firstly to prevent fraud and corruption but will take all action necessary to identify fraud if suspected and to pursue the recovery of losses and the suitable punishment of those...

National Paediatric Diabetes Audit 2014-2015

The excel file contains unit, regional and national level data obtained from the 2014-15 National Paediatric Diabetes Audit. Specifically, it includes information on patient characteristics,...

Rural Urban Classification (2011) of Local Authority Districts in England

This is 2011 rural-urban classification (RUC) of Local Authority Districts. This part of the Rural Urban Classification is available only for England and complements another part of the...