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Legal Advice (Solicitors)

Advice log, correspondence, guidance and templates for Solicitors advice. Updated: ad hoc.

Legal Advice (Solicitors)

Advice log, correspondence, guidance and templates for Solicitors advice. Updated: ad hoc.

Legal Aid Statistics

This dataset provides quarterly aggregated data on overall volume and claim expenditure on the legal aid schemes administered by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) for England and Wales. The reports...

HCA Legal agreements

Data on building agreements, leases and other similar legal papers relating to land owned by HCA

Legal SI Mailmerge Database

Statutory Instrument production with Highways Agency (HA) contacts details attached. The nature of the asset is 30 or so HA administrators and their office locations.

Defra electronic legal deposit

It is a statutory requirement for Defra to notify the British Library of new publications. This data is compiled from information on the GOV.UK website. Attribution statement: © Crown Copyright


This dataset is a product of the Land Transaction layer within ForesterWeb used for maintaining estate transactions in England. Legal boundary relates to the estate extent held in ForesterWeb, that...


Legal Boundaries This layer shows the external legal boundaries of land within FC ownership. It does not show the internal deed boundaries. Each polygon has these primary...

Evaluation of the Early Legal Advice Project

This report presents the findings of the evaluation of the Early Legal Advice Project (ELAP) which was provided for asylum seekers.

Legal Advice

Provide legal advice on HR related matters including for employment tribunals and draft policies etc.

Legal Services Commission annual statistics report

The Legal Services Commission is responsible for delivering, through high quality service providers, legal aid, advice and representation to people with problems in England and Wales. We deliver...

Legal Services Group Advisory Clients Survey

Staff feedback on internal processes and performance

Controlled Work Administration (Database of legal aid work)

Contains claim details, as submitted by a provider, including: client details, profit and disbursement costs and category of Law. The database also contains contract & schedule information and...

Legal Services Group - Criminal Enforcement Prosecutions Survey

Business feedback on the working relationship between Legal A and external organisations, including standing counsel and Agent Solicitors

Section 106 Legal Agreements

Section 106 legal agreements for Coventry.

Section 106-Legal agreement

Identifies sites where legal agreement has been entered into in connection with a planning application under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act. Section 106s entered into between the...

London Plan Legal Cluster

London Plan Legal Cluster

CIS (Legal Aid Work and Civil Representation means & merits)

Contains client information in both crime and civil cases, personal details, providers of legal services details, details of fees, appeal case information. Holds Legal Aid Work relating to Civil...

CCR and CCLF (Legal aid billing for Crown Court Cases)

Billing system for Crown Court cases containing personal and financial details of claimant and providers.(contracted providers of legal services)

CCMS (Legal Aid Work and Civil Representation means & merits)

System enabling applications for certificated civil legal aid to be applied for online by providers (legal aid solicitors). Processed by Legal Aid Agency staff and for the management and payments...