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Employee disciplinary records

Officers Disciplinary Database

Database of current and recent past officer disciplinary cases SL WS. Daily use for monitoring progress and current status.

Disciplinary records

Discipline/ Grievance Including Disciplinary Record, Grievance Details etc

Multi-modal Routing Network

The Multi-modal Routing Network is a combination of OS Networks Data including Rail, Paths, Roads and Ferries combined with Modal Change Sites to create a fully topological network to enable...

Multi-agency public protection arrangements statistics

This annual publication presents the number of MAPPA eligible offenders in England and Wales, and information related to these offenders, including a summary of the information provided in the...

Method of Travel to Work

Data showing how people travel to work in Plymouth.

JNCC's Marine Monitoring Method Finder

The Marine Monitoring Method Finder brings together a wide range of monitoring guidelines and procedures, and makes them readily available for use via a spreadsheet tool and search bar on our...

FRAME (Fine Resolution Atmospheric Multi-pollutant Exchange)

The FRAME model calculates the deposition of sulphur and nitrogen at both standard (5 km) and high (1 km) resolution across the UK. The results are used to calculate the exceedance of critical...

Multi agency public protection arrangements annual report

Statistics regarding various aspects of the delivery of Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA) in England and Wales. Source agency: Justice Designation: Official Statistics not...

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) Database

Central system for storing data on MAPPA eligible offenders

Method of Municipal Waste Management in the UK in 2010/11

Method of Municipal Waste Management in the UK in 2010/11

NI 131 - Delayed transfers of care from hospitals

The rate of delayed transfers of care from all NHS hospitals per 100,000 population aged 18+. A delayed transfer of care occurs when a patient is ready for transfer from a hospital bed, but is...

Analytical Methods in Feedstuffs

Development of analytical methods to detect residues of active ingredients in feedstuffs

Multi-factor Productivity (experimental)

Using a growth accounting framework, growth in output can be decomposed into the relative contributions of capital and labour inputs (in terms of both quantity and composition) as well as a...

Conduct and Discipline Databases

Information regarding Grievance / Harassment cases and disciplinary offences

Survey of Agricultural Production Methods

Statistics on Scottish Agricultural Production Methods Source agency: Scottish Government Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Alternative Plant Protection Methods

Evaluation of the potential of bio-active factors from a wasp venom (a phenoloxidase and rVPr3 (insect immunosuppressive protein)) to reduce pesticide usage by improving biological control strategies.

Bystander Volatile Method Development

Development of air sampling methodology in support of determining risk of bystander and resident exposure to pesticides

Royal Docks Grant Data

The Royal Docks Team is a multi-disciplinary team that brings together officers from across the Greater London Authority, the London Borough of Newham and the London Economic Action...

Cost effective methods to measure extent and condition of habitats: Earth Observation Phase 3

Report contains data that can be used under Open Government Licence. Phase 1 of the Making Earth observation work for conservation series of research projects created the Crick Framework, which...