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OS Mastermap Highways Network with speed data

Helping you plan routes, analyse traffic information and optimise journeys. Thanks to OS MasterMap Highways Network with Speed Data, you can also access road speed information through our product....

Highway Boundary

This dataset represents the land Highways England manages as highway. It is derived from Land Registry Cadastral parcels, Ordnance Survey and HAPMS (Highways England's Pavement Management System)....

Live traffic information from Highways England (previously Highways Agency)

Live traffic information data showing traffic information on the strategic road network in England, maintained by Highways England (previously called the Highways Agency). Update: 10th...

Average and Indicative Speed

The Average and Indicative Speed feature type provides two sets of speed information for all roads in Great Britain. These are: A historic average speed in kilometres per hours (kph). In this...

Highway Dedication

Highway dedication provides an indication of the type of Highway user who has access to that particular section of the Highway. Against every section of geometry supplied by the local highway...

Highways Agency Lands (HAL)

Highways Agency Lands - Personal data of property / land owners and other claimants under land compensation provisions

Highways Agency Shared Services

HR information about our employees

Speed Camera Locations

Speed Camera Locations

Traffic, Speeds and Congestion

No description provided

Highways England Agreed Diversion Routes

Highways England Agreed Diversion Routes represent the recommended routes for road users when a section of road has been closed. Routes may not be representative of the routes indicated in the real...

Highways Agency network journey time and traffic flow data

The latest journey time and traffic data is now available at This data series provides average journey time,...

Housing Benefit Speed of Processing

Statistics on the average number of days to process (i) new (ii) change of circumstances of HB / CTB claims. Note: Prior to Oct 2011 this was named HB/CTB Right Time...

Speed Limits

Speed limits within North Somerset.


Maintained Highways Areas in Wigan - This data is for reference purposes only, all enquiries around highway limits should be directed to

Highways Agency Drainage Data Management System (HADDMS)

Highways Agency Drainage Data Management System - Technical information about location and condition of drainage infrastructure on the network

Highways Agency Geotechnical Data Management System (HAGDMS)

The Highways Agency Geotechnical Data Management System - Geotechnical information about condition of the ground beneath the network and the earthworks (embankments and cuttings) that support the...

Planned road works on the National Highways road network

This dataset provides information on planned roadworks carried out on the National Highways network. Roadworks listed cover the period up to 15 days in advance from the date of publication. It...

Road Statistics: Traffic, Speeds and Congestion

Annual bulletin providing a detailed breakdown of statistics related to traffic, speeds and congestion. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Free Flow Vehicle Speeds Statistics

This publication gives speeds on free flowing road traffic. Source agency: Transport Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Free Flow Vehicle Speeds Statistics

High Speed Rail consultation (electronic)

Responses received to the 2011 High Speed Rail consultation (web, e-mail, scanned version of hard copy responses). Dataset contain personal information including name, address, postcode, email...