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Food and Feed Businesses subject to Intensified Official ControlsFood and feed businesses subject to Intensified Official Controls checks as at 02/11/2020

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BUS Name BUS Street Name BUS City Name BUS Postal Code BUS Code COM_GRP Name CNTRY Code CNTRY Name
Sarl Es-Saada 65, rue Colonel Lotfi RASFF alert on CVEDP.ES.2015.0053290 Maghnia Sulphites group: crustaceans sulphites DZ Algeria
Sarl Muskaten 01, Quai d’Arcachon port d’Alger RASFF alert on CVEDP.FR.2017.0025001 Alger heavy metals susceptible fish, molluscs, crustaceans Mercury Hg DZ Algeria
Sarl NASTORMARE Zone Industrielle Sidi Salem RASFF alert on CVEDP.FR.2019.0017430 El Bouni heavy metal susceptible fish Mercury Hg DZ Algeria
CAÑADAS SRL REPUBLICA DEL LIBANO 4279, QUILMES RASFF alert on CVEDP.DE.2015.0070905 Quilmes Dog chews Salmonella spp. AR Argentina