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MOD: spending over £25,000 and over £500 on a Government Procurement CardMOD's spending over £25,000 for January 2016 (revised 3 May 2016)

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Department Entity Payment Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Name Supplier Post Code Transaction Number Payment Description Total
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 29/01/2016 IT and communication services JFC OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS (OFCOM) SE1 9HA 96103 Line + telephone rental including commercial charge for use of radio frequencies £30,475,000.00
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 25/01/2016 Development costs for military equipment Defence Equipment + Support BAE SYSTEMS SURFACE SHIPS LIMITED GU14 6YU 93473 Intangible single use military equipment asset - in year capital addition £16,971,843.62
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 12/01/2016 Payment of utilities DEFENCE INFRASTRUCTURE ORGANISATION EDF ENERGY CUSTOMERS PLC PL3 5XQ 90445 Utilities consumed - electricity £11,029,155.09
Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence 15/01/2016 Design services and minor equipment purchases Defence Equipment + Support BABCOCK DSG LTD SP11 8HT 91712 Equipment support non-project costs £10,660,414.06